Fleas in Your Home? what you can do.

Practically the worst hindrance to having a pet in the house is the fact that they can bring in fleas.  I am going to tell you how to rid your home of the pesty things once and for all. You may have had a talk with your veterinarian about which flea treatment is best for your pet. Use it diligently, we have warm temperatures here in Central Florida just about year round. Fleas are hard to keep in control under these conditions. If there are fleas detected on your pet one dose of Capstar will begin to kill them after the first half hour. Capstar is rather harmless and is a better choice than the sprays that are made for direct contact with the body of a dog or cat. If there is a bunny in the household beware of flea control they are sensitive beyond belief. With the close guidance of your veterinarian advantage can be applied while you are in combat with the situation.
The first step with your home is to vacuum thoroughly and wash all of the pet's bedding in hot water. Treat all areas with a nontoxic insect growth regulator such as methoprene. You can spray it on any bedding that cannot be washed. Even though it states to be nontoxic I would use due care not to inhale or get any of the mist on your body as you spray. Wait until it is completely dry before letting animals back in the treated rooms. Be diligent not to let them jump into their bed that you have just sprayed. Pet stores or your Veterinarian are most likely the best place to find this safe and quick acting spray.